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Terms & Conditions

Please notice our terms and conditions of IML International Mail Logistics ™ as a registered trademark of IMN International Mail Net GmbH:

1. Field of application

These terms and conditions apply to the shipment of any items such as mail, parcels and in which IML is the handler and shipping agent on behalf of the sender. The Sender and IML will sign a contract for specific handling and transporting of items within the European Union and other countries if required. IML provides certain delivery services for mail and parcels such as truck, line haul, and hand delivery at the final consignee.
IML uses an approved network of transportation and delivery providers and also ensures a specific level of quality while being in possession of the items to be shipped. IML ensures to deliver the item(s) to the consignees address on behalf of the sender.

2. What items are not accepted by IML

IML does not accept any item which are prohibited by transport or postal conventions, the rules of any international air / truck transport or other associations, or items which we believe may be unsafe to handle or items which are illegal in the country of origin, destination or any third party country through which the items travel. It is the sender’s full responsibility to ensure that no Prohibited Items are hand over to IML for shipment.
IML may request the sender to show samples of items to be shipped. It is the sender’s full responsibility to ensure that no Prohibited Items are handed over to us. If you do hand over any items deemed Prohibited Items, you agree to indemnify and hold us unaccountable from any claims made against us and for any loss, liability or damage we may incur in handling the items. We reserve the right to refuse to accept or collect a shipment, at any time and for any reason if we have reason to believe the shipment contains Prohibited Items.

Furthermore, IML does not accept items such as cash, credit cards, jewlery, stamps or any other valuable goods for shipment.

3. Customs Clearance

If the sender wishes IML to take care of customs clearance, IML and the sender must sign a separate written customs clearance contract enabling IML to act as the senders clearing agent. IML will charge to the sender all duties, taxes and other possible costs incurred in acting as your agent and the sender will agree to pay all cost in full.

4. Liability

IML sets the liability to a maximum of twice the agreed handling price between IML and the sender per item, in case of loss or damage caused by proven carelessness in handling the items by IML. IML is not liable for any case involving delays due to political reasons, weather conditions, strikes, natural disasters, or any circumstances over which we do not have any control.

5. Payment

IML is allowed to charge handling and transportation fees as soon as IML collects the shipment at a certain location, such as airports, or other logistic facilities chosen by the sender. The sender agrees to pay IML no later than 10 days after collection of the shipment, or if sent an invoice no later than 10 days after the invoice date. Shipments worth more than €5000.00 postage require prepayment of 70 percent of the total freight amount. All handling and transportation fees are invoiced in Euros (€).

6. Undelivered Items

If a shipment or any item cannot be delivered for whatever reason, the sender permits IML to open the item and try to return it to you at your costs. To minimize costs in handling returns, the sender agrees, that IML can deal with such undelivered items in any way IML considers appropriate (which may involve arranging of delivery, returning them to the sender, selling or destroying the items).

7. Claims in case of loss or damage

Claims in case of losses or damages have to be made in writing addressed to IML, Alsterchausse 25a, 20149 Hamburg, Germany no later than 14 days after consignment of the shipment to IML.

If you fail to report the damages in writing to our headquarters in Hamburg, we will not accept liability for any such losses or damages to such items.

8. Dealing with disputes

In the likely event of possible disputes between the sender and IML in respect of any service or shipment covered by these conditions, the dispute will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and that in the event of any disputes the court of jurisdiction are the courts of Hamburg, Germany. IML is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

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