Data Protection & Data Usages

How do we handle with data in general?

The IMN International Mail Net GmbH (enterprise) undertakes basically to protect the privacy of all visitors who use our Internet sites and personal data confidentially to treat. Hence, as a rule we allow a use of our web page without information of personal data.

How do we use the data given here?

Trust is important to us. The addresses given here and data are used only for the purposes given here. If you use our forms or on-line service, we ask you for safety reasons for your information voluntary possibly so far of your data like name, e-mail address, phone number and if necessary address, so that we can get in touch fast with you and/or hold consultation. These personal data are not transmitted without your explicit approval to other third.
In general you should note that also the data transfer itself could contain security gaps on the Internet as well as with the communication by e-mail. The complete data protection before third is not possible with it basically by the enterprise.
If you liked to get to know more about methods like Cookies or want to know which possibilities you have to prevent the use of information by the enterprises, click please here: Data protection center EMEA.

Which data do we raise from you?


Basically you should be able to visit our web pages without input of personal data. The e-mail address to be given for safety reasons in the contact form is not published without your consent. In addition, we use in the homepage system integrated Spamfilter which filters permit after undesirable entries to Spam/advertisement. In addition we process your given data.

Prospective customer or customer for Mailing, parcels or dispatch logistics

As soon as you transmit us voluntarily people and or job-oriented data electronically (by mail or web form) we store this for the purpose of the offer production, artificial establishment of contact and at your wish in case of a placing of order. The necessary in addition and from you voluntarily to transmitted performance data belong as a base to the business transaction legally to be stored by us. So far urgently these voluntarily transmitted data are also transmitted to the partners of the enterprise electronically and are processed there to be able to provide a confidential and dependable offer and/or later a contract basing on it for you. Any contract terms, service data for your contract and appointment management as well as the artificial establishment of contact of the offer accordingly requested by you belong to it for the purposes of a modern service management. However, personal data are only transmitted basically into three parts and/or mediator or are otherwise transmitted if this is necessary for the above mentioned purposes or you have agreed as a principal with the respective operational areas. Besides, they have the right to revoke a given approval with effect for the future any time and or to let extinguish the data stored by us, provided that other laws applying in Germany do not contradict this erasing claim.

System user

If you announce yourselves as a system user, we use for your security the European standard of double opt-in procedure: You receive after occurred first-time registration first e-mail to your voluntarily given e-mail address. Only after repeated confirmation by in it to contained activation link you are a free-switched or can access on for you as a system user certain area. All other information if necessary in the profile than system user, is voluntary etc. and is also not transmitted.
You can finish their status as an author in the forum or system as a rule also even in your profile settings and all data allow to extinguish. You can transmit your wish to delete as a user one of our system offers also any time in info (at) intmailnet. de. Also here we apply the standard opt-in procedure to your own security. Means,  we send you an e-mail to the e-mail address deposited in the system and check that you really announce departure with the e-mail address authorised with which you also announced yourselves.

Access data

If you access voluntarily our Internet sites, the basic call is taken down by our hosting partner 1&1, so that we an anonymous overview of the numbers of visitors up to demanded contents is received. Up to now Google Analytics, however, we do not start. Besides, there originate the access data which contain the following information: called web page, our appealing web page or file name, date, time, access status (successful transference or error message), used web browser and operating system. The stored access data are evaluated exclusively for statistical purposes and are not given to other third.

How do we protect your data?

We try to protect our web page and other systems, by topical technical up to organizational measures against access, change or wide spreading of your data by unauthorized third. Indeed, you should also treat your access information basically confidentially, while you announce departure, for example, from our system properly and close your browser window afterwards properly. You should do this in particular always then when you use the EDP system (PC, laptop, Smartphone, Tablet or other Internet access device) with others together.

Exclusion of Cookies to JavaScript

Users can deactivate the use (DART-) Cookies, while they call the data protection regulations for announcements and the Content-advertising network of Google. Services like Google and our 1&1 Hosting partners use small text files (Cookies) and if necessary invisible graphics (web Beacons) which are stored on your computer. These functions allow an analysis of the web page use by them. They can prevent the installation of Cookies by suitable conversion of your browsers software any time themselves. Thus you can instal, for example, from the following links special Browser-Plugins, around a Google data processing (which is not used up to now by us) to exclude Cookie use or the use from JavaScript in general:

In that case you cannot use if necessary any more all functions of these or other web pages in the full extent.

How can you close personal data or allow to extinguish?

We move the data protection control inside. You have any time right on free information about your data stored by us as well as if necessary their correction up to the deletion. Please, follow first tips for newsletter form and registration, Cookie-and/or JavaScript blockades and then turn when required in writing to us:

Alsterchaussee 25 | DE-20149 Hamburg (Germany)

Arrangement approval explanations

You have expressly given the in each case following approvals to us if necessary with the use of our contact form and we have taken the minutes in the case. For the future you can revoke your respective approval any time:

  • Yes, I agree to the general terms of business (Terms and Conditions) that from me voluntarily to provided, personal data in the course of a comparative inquiry, offer production electronically stored, are processed and are transmitted in this frame also to the partners, service providers or advisers of the IMN International Mail Net GmbH. I entitle the advisers and partners of the enterprise with it within the scope of the efficiency comparisons desired by me or offer to the desired establishment of contact for the purpose of topical offer and/or contract transmission.
  • Yes, I agree that the IMN International Mail Net GmbH raises my data of utilisation with the help of automated and as far as possibly to anonymous procedures, like, for example, Cookies, processes and is of use. To me is known that Cookies (small text files with setting information) are used to the statement of the frequency of utilisation and the regulation of the users of the enterprise websites as well as for the optimisation by any advertising messages. To me is also known that on certain sides announcements are delivered by enterprise, agencies or service providers for whom possibly Cookies are used, without this society has on it influence or can point separately to it.
  • Yes, I have taken note of the possibility that I can put any time myself my Internet browser in such a way that this rejects the application of for example Cookies and then I cannot use if necessary this web page any more in the full extent.

Attachment: Procedure list to data protection of the IMN International Mail Net GmbH

According to German federal data protection act here you`ll find our procedure list as a PDF file: pdfIML_DataProtectionProcedure_v1.pdf (67 kb).

Approval for the use of your data

By the use of this website you agree with the treatment of the data upraised about you by the enterprise, which directly to commissioned realization partners in the before described way and for the before named purpose. We will publish changes for the data use and directives of utilization on this side immediately. Thus you can find out any time about the fact which information we collect for what we collect them and under which circumstances we use them.

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